Test Rigs and Components

Motion Platform

The motion platform by FGB is part of a demonstration test bench for driving assistance systems (e.g. lane departure warning assistant distance control etc.).

The respective driving situation is visualised by means of surround screens. Total vehicle movements, such as lifting, pitching, rolling and swaying, are realised with four servo-electrical actuators to simulate a realistic driving experience. Also, the platform can be expanded to include a steering actuator as an option. This generates an active reaction torque of the front wheels against a steering movement.

The movement platform with an installation surface of 6 x 3 metres has a modular design and can be adapted to various car models thanks to vehicle-specific underside adapters. It can be dismantled into two halves (rear module and front module) and is therefore suitable for easy transport in optional roller containers. The very rigid but lightweight basic frame is a welded construction (galvanised) and absorbs the generated static and dynamic forces reliably.

The four wheel contact modules, comprising servo-electrical actuators, can be steplessly set by +/ – 75 mm including the wheel fixation for front and rear axle

The wheelbase is adjusted via corresponding adapters. The optionally available transport system comprises three stable transport crates, two for each platform half, and a third crate for the control /control electronics as well as an access ramp and the type-specific adapters.

All three transport crates are equipped with swivel casters, and can also be moved with a fork-lift truck or pallet lifter. Four adaptable casters guarantee easy movement of the entire motion platform, even after it has been completely erected.

approx. 6 m x 3 m

approx. 1500 kg (without transport system)

approx. 25 kW

± 75 mm

± 16 kN

0.3 m/sec.

1.55 m/sec.²

< 55 ms


Mario Wolf

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