Test Rigs and Components

Safety Fences

The stricter health and operational safety requirements usually require the use of separating protective equipment.

In particular, to protect against broken parts of destroyed test pieces and to prevent unwanted interventions into the test process, test field and test systems are now equipped with stable safety fences. The safety fence elements are modular and can be adapted to any length and shape of the test field. Transparent, break-proof, 8 mm thick plastic panes are installed into the basic frame at eye level.

To allow permanent access to the test field, safety doors are integrated seamlessly into its environment. The doors are closed in automatic mode. As soon as one of the doors is opened, the hydraulic process of the affected span field is shut down securely.


FGB will develop the right safety concept for you and supplies the entire safety fence with various types of doors including safety monitoring.

Our various door models include two-leaf rotating doors, two-leaf sliding doors, as well as customised doors (e.g. five-part telescopic push and swivel gate).

Please contact us if you are interested. We will be happy to advise you!


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