Test Rigs and Components

Test Bench for Front and Rear Axle Adjuster

FGB developed and built a special system test bench to test two active chassis systems. The test bench is designed to carry out endurance tests on electrical stabilisers (front and rear axle adjusters). Two axles can be tested in parallel, i.e. a front and rear axle adjuster in each of the two test chambers. If a test chamber is loaded with an axle, it is also possible to work in parallel in the second test area. The test does not need to be interrupted for this. The forces that occur in real operating conditions are applied by means of actuators (20 kN); these can be adjusted with respect to the angle +/- 25°, and the gauge.

The test bench comprises a self-supporting, vibration-decoupled basic frame for holding all attached parts such as test piece holders, actuators, measuring sensors, sub-distribution boards including attachment pints and is based on a universal clamping plate with T-grooves. Also, a clamping and screwing system for secure, tension-free locking of the test piece was produced to allow fine adjustment of the components to each other.

The two test areas are each located in a safety enclosure comprising safety fences and impact-resistant polycarbonate panes. This guarantees safe operation of the system in various operating modes; the safety control system permanently monitors the closed status of the doors.

FGB not only supplies mechanical components but the entire test machine including actuators,the connecting unit, control devices and software with total CE and risk assessment.

± 20 kN

± 25°

approx. 2500 x 2500 x 300 mm

± 200 mm



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