Test Rigs and Components

Free of Play Fulcrum Flexures

The following describes the exemplary use of play-free flexural pivots in a real application case.

The test bench described below serves to simulate the forces exerted on the V-link in real driving operations. In this case, these are parts that are fitted as axle guidance elements in commercial vehicles. Thanks to the general structure of the system, other parts, e.g. tie rods, need to be checked. Within this part type, the tooling effort is low because the test part is adapted with the same connecting elements as in the vehicle.

The longitudinal and transverse forces are applied hydraulically and simultaneously on the central joint of the test piece. The forces are transferred per cylinder by means of a pair of coupling rods; here force can be transferred quasi free of torque on the one side thanks to their arrangement and on the other side by using play-free flexural pivot elements as a connection.

FGB flexural pivots are absolutely play-free and usually allow a swivel angle of up to +/- 3°. Its function is based on the cardanic principle of two bending bars turned by 90° that are designed to be permanently flexurally strong. Our flexural pivots are designed and manufactured specifically to meet your requirements.

±250 kN (longitudinal and transverse respectively)

20 Hz


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