Test Rigs and Components

Test Tower and Trailer Tow Bar

Our compact load tower was specially designed and produced for two and three-axle tests on trailer tow bars of cars with and without car body, and for tests on elastomer bearings (e.g. gear bearings, motor bearings etc.).

In these strength examinations, dynamic loads are applied to the parts in uninterrupted on-going operations to achieve higher runtimes. Static break tests are also possible.

The height of the holders on the test bench components  on the load tower can be adjusted steplessly with a hand wheel. The test bench components can be moved independently of each other in the Z-direction by means of self-locking setting gears on both sides.


A cylinder bracket with a mechanical clamp is used for vertical force exertion. Additional guides prevent the set cylinder bracket from tilting during the clamping process. Also, a worm gear screw jack unit in a self-locking version prevents the set cylinder height from being adjusted or sagging even when the clamp of the cylinder adapter plate and cylinder is released.

A module console comprising a rocker and a coupling rod for holding a test machine cylinder up to Fz max. = 50 kN via a head flange attachment was designed for application of the longitudinal forces. This bell crank creates the possibility of pressure-free positioning of the force application units and reduces space requirements on the clamping field. The coupling rod comprises a flexural pivot and ball joint by FGB. The force of 50 kN is deflected in a ratio 1:1 over 90° by means of  play-free pre-clamped roller bearing units with oil sump lubrication in the bearing blocks.



  • Permanently play-free and maintenance-free bearings with permanent lubrication (e.g. oil bath)
  • Bearings suitable for permanent operation, also with small angles/amplitudes of approx. 0.5…1°
  • Also suitable for full cylinder lift

Technical Data:

± 15 kN

± 40 kN

± 10 kN

approx. 2500 mm on both sides



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