Test Rigs and Components

Standard component system for a 3-axial elastomer test bench

FGB developed and manufactured special mechanical components including a safety concept comprising software, electrics and a safety fence for a 3-axial elastomer test bench. The hydraulic components, including actuators, a connection unit and aggregate as well as the flexibly adjustable clamping frame, were also part of the delivery scope.

This standard component system comprises four stands on a baseplate (approx. 1,500 mm), four cross girders and a cross beam for the cylinder holder in the Z-direction. Two cylinder brackets serve horizontal force transmission. All elements can be mounted flexibly to a test bench set-up on a modular spacing. This allows numerous variations for various test requirements.

These mechanical components are designed for dynamic test loads of 45 kN and static loads of 65 kN. The height of the cross beam can be adjusted via the modular spacing on the stands. The force is transferred into the test piece by means of coupling rods, 25 kN FBG ball joints and an x-y-z test piece adapter.

In our safety concept, reduced actuator speeds can be run under high pressure in tooling mode thanks to the fact that blocking valves with setting-monitored settable throttles and an additional pressure transducer are integrated into the hydraulic circuit for indirect monitoring of the connection unit.

A compact cabinet with control equipment (Siemens safety PLC, alternatively also Beckhoff) serves to monitor and control the safety door switch and all safety-relevant hardware components (e.g. stop plates and pressure transducers). A signal lamp that is mounted to the safety fence serves to display the status.

The protective grille that is made of steel wire surrounds the entire span field at a height of 2.3 metres. This is designed in compliance with the requirements of EN ISO 13857. The protective doors that are equipped with safety sensors permanently monitor that the system is closed during the test. This reliably prevents other risks, for instance injuries when the test area is entered during operation.

45 kN

65 kN

25 kN

4 x 3 x 2.5 m


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