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Testing Machine for Pneumatic Spring System

Our pneumatic spring system test bench serves endurance examinations on various pneumatic systems in rail vehicles. Pneumatic spring systems with various diameters and lengths can be tested. The test is realistic with respect to the installation conditions of the pneumatic springs, and the simulation of the loads on the pneumatic spring system. Also, the test bench can be used in other areas and is therefore not just restricted to this application case.

To accurately represent the large number of attachment geometries between the pivot and pneumatic spring system that can be realised later, the distance between the bogie pivot and the centre of the pneumatic spring can be set steplessly from 750 mm to 1150 mm. The dynamic deflection of the pneumatic springs in the X-direction is realised by means of a circulating crank drive and gear motor. The deflection here can be adjusted steplessly from 0 mm to 200 mm.

Due to the connecting rod ratio that is precisely tuned to the application, the test piece has an almost sine-shaped load process. In addition to the dynamic deflection, a static deflection of the pneumatic spring system from -80 mm to +80 mm can also be realised in the Y-direction; this corresponds to the lateral acceleration in the vehicle when driving through curves.

Our pneumatic test bench is operated electro-mechanically and is therefore very energy-efficient.

250 kN

< 1 Hz depending on the amplitude

Outer diameter max. 1000 mm
installation height max. 650 mm


Mario Wolf

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