Test Rigs and Components

Testing Bays for Power Pump Units

To ensure the series maturity of steering systems, it is necessary to check the motor pump aggregates (MPAs) during the development period. Here, the MPAs undergo tests to check the function and assess the wear behaviour. These tests are carried out at certain times in the life cycle of a part. To replicate a realistic load, the endurance test must be carried out in a broad temperature range.

Six MPAs respectively are subjected to an endurance test at the same time. Easily exchangeable equipment is used to attach the MPAs on the test bench. Hydraulic quick-lock couplings are used.

The test pieces are installed with all necessary connections in the test bench/temperature room and then connected hydraulically and electrically. The individual installed MPA with the control unit has a construction space of about 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm plus space requirements for the hydraulic and electrical connections.

The delivery scope also includes an intuitive operating software. This allows individual load cycles in the test program to be put together freely. These are then processed cyclically by the test bench taking other test parameters, for instance the ambient temperature, the power supply to the test piece, the driving speed signal and the steering angle speed signal into account. This means that all loads that are important for the MPAs are simulated in a lifelike manner.

6 in parallel mode

300 x 300 x 300 [mm]

-30°C to +120°C

0 bar to 200 bar

freely programmable


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