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3-axle wear test bench

The 3-axle wear test bench implemented by FGB tests the various articulated joint models in the commercial vehicle sector. The objective is to determine the service life of the articulated joint under realistic load conditions.

The test also includes replicating real loads and time sequences. The test applies a load on a single axial and also carries out 2 rotational movements (turning and tilting).

The durable mechanical design of the test bench and the axial joint connection guarantee high resistance to the extreme loads exerted on the test bench during the test process.

Our 3-axle wear test bench is designed and manufactured in compliance with CE regulations.
FGB standard components, an 160 kN actuator with hydrostatic bearings and an integrated position sensor as well as two servo-hydraulic rotary drives with a static torque of +/-3 kNm or +/-6 kNm were used for force transmission. The bearings used for rotation and tilting movements have an adequate service life reserve. If bearings need to be replaced, they are readily accessible to ensure fast maintenance and easy replacement of spare parts.

We have designed the test bench so that the test piece and any necessary adaptions can be mounted easily.

Tooling is carried out under the existing hydraulic pressure. Therefore, our safety concept, which comprises a stop plate and a safe connection unit, is designed to operate at a reduced actuator speed of max. 10 mm/sec.


Rotary movement:

±3 kNm

± 60°

Tilting movement:

±6 kNm

± 60°

Axial force:

±160 kN

300 mm (± 125 mm)

A-4000-A SEM


Mario Wolf

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