Test Rigs and Components

Testing Bay for Roll Stabiliser System

To optimise ARS development (active roll stabilisation), a test bench was designed and manufactured that allows roll stabilisation systems to be checked in their real environment and installation position.

A roll stabilisation system (WSS) has a unit for active control of chassis components that is connected to hydraulic swivel motors. The drives generate a controllable torque in the anti-roll bars that are attached to the front and rear axle of the chassis to regulate the vehicle inclination (roll stabilisation).

The test stand is designed to also integrate other components that are functionally connected to the test piece into the test bench and possibly undergo another inspection with as little effort as possible (separate pump, valve block, actuator, valves, sensors etc.). The original components fitted in the vehicle are used and tested. Also, the ARS components will be tempered (pump, valve block, lines, swivel motor) in a range of -25°C to 80°C.

The roll stabiliser component design including all connection lines is fitted close to the vehicle with respect to the attachment points, height arrangement and installation position etc. The front and rear axles are simultaneously tested, something that is possible thanks to the very compact structure of the test bench. The individual actuators are controlled separately.

The test bench was designed as a laboratory test bench and serves both the development of a complete roll stabilisation system (WSS) through to series launch and also inline series function tests. By importing measured road profiles, the WSS the test bench is tested with realistic load data which allows assessment of the part behaviour.

25 kN

Pump drive, equalisation tank with media tempering

Including safety equipment

-25°C to 80°C


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