Test Rigs and Components

Dynamic Pneumatic Spring Testing Bay

The test machine was designed for testing air springs on rail vehicles and commercial vehicles. It is able to excite the installed 600 kN cylinder with a frequency of up to 250 Hz. The basis for this is the 2-pillar machine frame in an extremely rigid and heavy-duty version; its pillars have a diameter of 300 mm. To be able to operate smoothly at these frequencies, the entire machine is additionally reinforced at various points.

The hydraulic crosshead adjustment is equipped with a height position display to ensure a reference to the installation position of the test piece. The crosshead, which is also extremely rigid, is clamped mechanically to the pillars and can be hydraulically released and moved. When the pressure is relieved, the crosshead clamps are tightened again via the plate springs.

Test bodies, devices or additional measuring equipment can be attached to the tabletop that is equipped with a T-slot raster. The excitation of the test piece is realised via the hydrostatically supported test cylinders that are attached in the table.

There is a load cell on the piston rod of the cylinder and one below the crosshead on a specially attached adapter. Frequencies of up to 250 Hz can be realised up to a clamping height of 750 mm.

The electrical control unit, including the safety-relevant electrical redundancies, come from our company. The test processes are controlled by mean of a 16-bit controller. Those program parts that go above and beyond the basic software (hydraulic control unit, function generator, sine, triangle, rectangular excitations) were adapted with the customer to meet his precise requirements.

2-pillar design (each 300 mm diameter)

Height adjustable 150 mm – 1200 mm

600 kN at max. 250 Hz


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