Test Rigs and Components

Environmental Simulation Testing Bays

The environment simulation test bench described below simulates movements (tilting and turning) of a ball joint under environmental influences in the vehicle. To this end, six ball joints are mounted in parallel in the test bench, without force, but otherwise subject to all stress movements and environmental influences they are exposed to in operations. The climate chamber is able to vary the temperature and moisture depending on requirements. Thereby allowing the respective specified climatic conditions to be created.

Different casing variants can be clamped using corresponding adapters. The test bench control unit checks all movements with respect to the angle and frequency, and all simulated environmental influences in the climate chamber. The temperature and moisture progress are controlled with respect to the climatic conditions. Also, dirt is sprayed on by mean of a soiled brine as required. The test process can be programmed individually by specifying all test parameters step-by-step. This means that the test bench can be set precisely to the requirements of the respective product.

-40°C to +150°C

freely programmable

-10°C to +80°C

can be set variably

pursuant to AK-LH

pursuant to AK-LH

Brine with added dirt


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