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Electric Actuators

In the past, it was usually the servo-hydraulic actuators (rotary drives, cylinders) that dominated the appearance of test fields. However, things have begun to change recently. Firstly, because servo-hydraulic load components are associated with various disadvantages. Secondly, the performance capability of the electro-mechanical load components has continuously improved and is therefore highly suitable for use in more and more applications.

Technical Data:

65 rpm – 1500 rpm

2 Nm – 5000 Nm

50 W – 50 kW, special cases up to 350 kW

Therefore, FBG not only supplies servo-hydraulic actuators to its customers but also a standard program of electrical drives based on high-performance direct drives that are produced in a special procedure. FBG also calculates and develops special drives from unit volumes of 1 that usually need to satisfy special requirements according to customer specifications. All electro-mechanical load components are also all completely produced in-house and stand out thanks to a high output density and long service lives.

The benefits of electro-mechanical actuators are both economic and ecological. Instead of designing these drives as classic hydro motors, air-cooled torque motors for instance do not require any fluids at all (hydraulic oil, cooling water circuits etc.) and therefore do not pose any environmental risk. However, the economic aspect of this kind of drive should not be underestimated. For instance the efficiency compared to the classic fully hydraulic solution is much higher and, in turn, this generates fewer operating costs.

The actuators of these kinds of testing systems are excited easily by the self-developed control software. It doesn’t make any difference here whether these are servo-hydraulic or electro-mechanical load components, because it is possible to simply select the actuator type in the software, which was specially designed for flexible test fields, and the control parameters are automatically adapted to the respective controlling load components.

Data sheet electric actuators

In contrast to conventional motors, the electrical machine and work machine in the direct drives are connected directly to each other. The motor is designed so that it has the required speed of the work machine, which means that there is no need for gears.

The FGB drives stands out thanks to their particularly high rigidity, maximum output density due to special winding technology in connection with a high emergency filling factor and considerable dynamics. The motors are suitable for various application cases, e.g. fast, precise positioning, or to excite parts with high forces/torques.

FGB does not supply ready-made solutions; instead, it delivers products that fulfil customised requirements to the optimum, e.g. with respect to the installation room, unfavourable environments, innovative technologies etc. We offer you high integration competence due to our extensive experience as a manufacturer of special machines, flexibility, short delivery times and reliable deadlines.

And, of course, individual, expert support. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.


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